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We maintain a superb rating as a legacy Home Advisor Pro, having earned various awards and earned the trust of hundreds of customers over more than a decade.   Check us out on Home Advisor!


As a long time member of the SHBA, we draw from the strength of the friendships and respect of our industry peers, as well as the ability to offer proven referrals to our customers of other trade contractors who have earned the respect and great reputation like we have in our community. 


Our earned A+ rating through the BBB has been an honor to display for our customers.  Reviews are important, and the referral and confidence of the Better Business Bureau is another reason to trust A+ Masonry for your project. 


A+ Masonry is a proud sponsor and volunteer at the 2nd Harvest Foods "Bite 2 Go" Afterschool Program for Kids.  They help to feed thousands of local school children at home every week by partnering with the community to pack and send home mini-meals for children who would otherwise suffer hunger through their weekend at home. 


There are questions that we hear on almost a daily basis from our community of customers. Here are some facts that may help you with your own concrete or brick maintenance.

Do I need to re-seal my concrete every year?  The answer is, when your concrete is cleaned and repaired properly prior to application, a good commercial concrete sealer should be effective for 3-5 years depending on the traffic and UV exposure it is exposed to.

Do I put the same type of sealer on concrete as I do my brick on my building/home?  No you should not!  We repair improper installations of masonry sealants too frequently and it can be a costly process.  

Concrete sealer that has a shine is generally not a breathable product and will peel or fade leaving you with a wall that looks aged and dull.  It can even cause damage because it traps moisture into the masonry or even the structure behind it.  Use a penetrating breathable masonry sealer a lifetime of protection depending on the quality of the product and installation.  

Do you have other questions of your own that are not listed here?  CONTACT US  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about your masonry or our company!


A+ Masonry Cleaning & Sealing was founded in Spokane, WA in 1998 by Chris Murphy.  Chris is a third generation masonry contractor with roots in residential and commercial masonry construction.  A+ Masonry specialized in cleaning and sealing masonry after finding a great need in the region for a contractor who will listen to their customers and have a great desire to improve their finished product, make it look better and last longer.  A+ Masonry has been serving the Inland Northwest, licensed, bonded and insured in Washington, Idaho and Montana, cleaning, weatherproofing and restoring masonry since 1998.